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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Traffic PowerLine Explained - Traffic PowerLine Review

This is A Traffic Powerline Webinar Replay hosted by Pearce - owner of MoBrabus + Traffic PowerLine.

I decided to join Traffic PowerLine after it was recommended to me by a mentor of mine + after watching this very presentation it became quickly clear that this system (after pre-launch) is going to be a monster.

The quicker you get in the better with these opportunities!

This presentation outlines the payout structure and ultra lucrative bonuses built in to the Traffic PowerLine comp plan.

This payout structure has been well thought out.

Start your Traffic PowerLine business with me here:

Friday, 22 April 2016

Leaders League 360 - Proof of Income

Leaders League 360 is a marketing system and sales funnel provided by Power Lead System. This is the Leaders League 360 strategy and plan to follow, to leverage the companies inside the funnel to grow an online income exponentially, whether you’ve got a product to sell or not.

Leaders League 360 uses BeonPush and Traffic Monsoon’s profit sharing features to fund better quality traffic for the entire system, so users can build their packs with BeonPush and Traffic Monsoon to pay for traffic from a reliable source like

>> Join here <<

Doing this will mean the Leaders League machine will provide a refillable advertising budget generating more leads, sales, and valuable active referrals inside the two rev share platforms. 

Building up your active referrals will mean more 10% and 13% commissions in Traffic Monsoon and BeonPush, meaning the whole business expands faster and faster the longer the strategy is followed.

In this video I also show income proof the leaders league 360 funnel is very effective once this copy and paste strategy and marketing system is followed consistently.

Being one of the leaders myself, I know there’s more goes into converting prospects into customers than just sending them to a sales funnel, which is why we’ve included Automated Wealth Network inside the Leaders League 360 system.

AWN will teach the key methods to becoming a seasoned internet marketer with the skills to be able to grow active referrals and get people off the fence and onto your team. AWN is $7 to get started, but I recommend to start with the first two training courses to give yourself a good amount of quality content to learn.

I also teach how to personalize your own Leaders League 360 funnel within Power Lead System to include your own personal content and videos to introduce yourself and build the relationship between you and your subscribers as you continue to send traffic through sources such as YBR

These are all the necessary parts of increasing your conversions to the absolute maximum, but also building the retention rate of your Power Lead System team, which obviously brings the monthly residual income. 

If you do not ever put yourself in front of your followers or team, you cannot expect your team to blindly join you. With any funnel in the world, you must be doing the extra things we teach at Leaders League 360 if you want to be able to claim your own massive income proof.

The Leaders League 360 facebook group provides a friendly community, but you must learn some of the techniques inside Automated Wealth Network as you build your business to continue growing.

Build up your packs with BeonPush and Traffic Monsoon to the point where you can use the profit once a week for better quality traffic as well as continue to grow the packs.

Begin learning the AWN content and learn how internet marketing really works.

Get in to the habit of paying for better quality traffic for your Leaders League 360 system from sources such as YBR traffic.

Personalize your own Leaders League 360 funnel and focus on putting yourself in front of your list by adding social media links and videos in your emails and Leaders League 360 web pages.

Friday, 1 April 2016

FutureNet - The Powerful Friend Trees

Get Started with FutureNet:

FutureNet is a social media network with built-in income streams called friend trees, which are six separate forced matrix systems which pay 5% commissions for anyone who ever lands in the friend tree you're personally upgraded at, whether you referred them in to FutureNet or Not.

The FutureNet friend trees are incredibly powerful because any regular person can build a huge online lncome buy simply getting in as quick as possible in our fast growing team.

Because you'll be joining a team with extensive knowledge in strategy and traffic, seeing spillover referrals from myself and others is just a matter of time.

FutureNet has only recently been introduced to tier 1 countries, which means there are literally tens of thousands of people who are yet to join. 
In a forced matrix scenario, getting in early can be a life changing decision.

The friend trees are only one part of this powerful system, click here to set up your account:

Thursday, 3 March 2016

BeonPush Packs Return a Whopping 150% - Join the team.

BeonPush sells advertising slots through "real time bidding", meaning they go at the highest possible price allowing great returns on shares of their company.

BeonPush packs will return 150% at different speeds, depending on the size of the pack you buy.

The BeonPush system also offer 13% commissions on your first line referrals and 2% on their referrals. All of this is completely separate to the "binary tree", an extremely powerful matrix which you can make 10% of the weaker branch (leg) of the binary tree, and this is released daily at around 11pm UK time.

The two P-Processors they use are Payza and Payeer.

I personally have no issues with Payza but if you're joining my team and have an issue getting your account active (getting one pack), I will transfer what you need directly through Paypal. I have done this with many of my team already, as shown in my BeonPush video.

BeonPush's web site (at the time of this recording) includes terminology that they are aware needs fixing. The terminology on the web site currently prevents some religions from joining and a new web site is being created.

We have a facebook group you're welcome to join, this is the sales funnel that will be used to promote BeonPush very effectively, "leaders league 360"

Join BeonPush here:

Then activate your account by getting any pack, this will give you access to your BeonPush affiliate link

Find me on facebook:

How to get leads to your site:

Friday, 26 February 2016

BeonPush - Binary Tree Strategy

Beonpush review – This is an overview of the beonpush strategy needed to get started properly.
The above link will take you directly to the Beonpush system where as this: will take you to a short 1o minute presentation of how Beonpush can benefit you in your online success.

Although you can make 150% from packs, Beonpush is not to be mistaken for the same type of system.

They do sell advertising spots through “real time bidding” (RTB), so this means the sharing from this lucrative company is incredibly attractive as they’ll often sell their advertising at the highest possible price.

Packs start at $20 and this is all that is required to activate your Beonpush account and gain access to your affiliate link. Once you have signed up and activated your account, your first objective is to then refer just two people, but ensure they fall on each leg of your binary tree to activate your binary bonus.

Once you have referred one person in each branch (leg) of your binary tree, you are then eligible for the 10% of the daily purchases of your weaker.

By default, Beonpush will set your “preferred leg” to “automatic” so you may have to look far down your binary tree to find out which leg your referral ended up on, this can be done by simply clicking on the lowest person’s icon in your binary tree which reveals more of the tree.

Ideally, you want to join early to position yourself higher in the tree to expect more “spill over referrals” from your sponsor. This makes the whole process easier, as you’ll only have to build your weaker leg, and not your entire binary tree yourself. This is why Beonpush is so powerful, your sponsor can help you build part of your business.

Do not forget the binary tree is completely separate to the commission structure, which is 13% from your referrals, and 2% from their referrals. All this put together with the potential return on the packs makes for one of the most powerful opportunities on the internet today.

As mentioned in the video, myself and about 6 other leaders from other existing Traffic Monsoon based funnels, are joining together to build a powerhouse, high converting funnel with BeonPush at the front end, build on the Power Lead System platform.

This funnel will revolutionize the way people think about building their online business because the Binary tree in BeonPush makes it much more worthwhile to reach out and help your own down line and theirs.